Thoughts at the End of the Day

I’ve been relistening to Tim Ferris’s podcast with Seth Godin. It’s about two hours long and takes me 2-3 walks to get through the entire thing. But there are a lot of nuggets and wisdom to be gleaned. One in particular stuck out to me as I’ve been going about this daily writing and posting thing. Mr. Godin said just write, you’ll never get better unless you start and do something.

The post I wrote yesterday has qualities of something that I may be proud of down the line, but I’m more or less just trying not to be embarrassed by it right now. It wasn’t my best effort or that creative, but I took the time and hit publish. At least I did something. My perfectionist if tendencies would have never let that fly unless there was an outline and a general idea of where it was going or what was going to happen next. Shoot, I never would have started this process until I knew what the focus was going to be. So far it’s been a mismatch of whatever I know I can get done. Even now I’m internally telling myself to stop rambling.

I’ll go to sleep with this thought, you don’t have to have all your crap together and it all be well thought out and organized, sometimes you just commit and step.

Good night world.