The Key to ‘Not Failing’ is Fear

Wiser people have talked at length about those who succeed take risks in spite of the fear not because they’re not afraid, so I won’t try to say it any better.

What I’ve been wrestling with is the fine line between wisdom and fear.

I’ve heard it time and time again, you learn best through failures, but I tend to protect myself from perceived failures.

Wait to move until you’re out of debt.

Take care of your obligations before pursuing passions.

Move back because you can’t leave your job like that.

On the surface all of those sound wise. They would set me up for a good – somewhat safe –  foundation to fail if I’m going to. But is there fear lying underneath that is keeping me from a failure that I need to learn from? Or keeping me from the destination that I’m trying to reach.

Or another way of saying it, “Am I using natural wisdom, as an excuse for not fully committing and masking my real fear of failure?”

Like most questions I ask myself, maybe it’s a bit of both.