I like to say I’m a professional problem solver. These are a few of the projects I’ve gotten to solve problems for.

Project Management and Copywriting

As part of my role at Corporate Three Design (C3D), I’ve had the opportunity to work for great clients. Here are a few of the projects I worked on.


ParkOMA is the brand that represents all of the parking options at the Omaha Airport. The C3D team refined the logo, developed the landing page, wrote and coordinated all of the promotion items, and delivered advertisings stats at the end of the process.

My contribution was almost all of the copywriting and some of the project management.


I’m a big fan of Airports, and I’m so grateful to have gotten to work for the Omaha Airport Authority. #TravelSafeOMA was a campaign developed to communicate the safety and cleaning measures the Airport put in place due to the Coronavirus.

I wrote most of the website content, developed the messaging for the animated video, wrote social media copy, coordinated a small photo shoot, worked closely with Edison Creative to have the video created, and helped the account executive Jeff Walker manage the project.

EOS + GSB Careers Pages

One of my favorite parts of working for a client is when we get a chance to go back to the basics and discuss why they exist and who they’re for. When you’re working in a business day-in and day-out, you get lost in the big picture of who you’re serving. After many years your company’s focus may have changed. There hasn’t been time to stop and breathe and take a look around at what you’ve accomplished and who you’ve become. We had the opportunity to do that with EOS and GSB. We went back to the basics with them. The main account executive and I took them through exercises to develop their messaging, and then the designer went to work on the rebrand.

The contribution that I was most proud of was the Careers page. We worked on their mission statement, key characteristics, and key actions based on “Mission Statement Made Simple” by Donald Miller. The process resonated with their team as they knew they needed to have a rallying cry to attract a younger millennial workforce.

Small Business Basics

This a product and project I spearheaded within our team. Using the “Marketing Made Simple” process by Donald Miller, I identified an audience of Small Business owners who were looking to either rebrand or invest in professional design resources for a growing side hustle.

I wrote the one-liner, landing page copy, lead generator content, and series of 6 sales emails. Promoting the product is on my current to-do list.

Blog Content

These are a few blog posts I have written for Corporate Three Design or one of our clients:

Freelance Brand Development

Part of my experience includes consulting and developing brands and web presences for different businesses. These are the few of the businesses that I’ve had the privilege of serving recently.

All Seasons Training

All Seasons Training (AST) is a small business started by two friends who met working at an Omaha running store. One of them happens to be my brother. The other is a cross country coach at UNO.

AST’s objective is to coach runners not only through the yearly seasons, but also life seasons. It’s easy to train while you’re in school and you have a team holding you accountable, but what about those seasons when you have the responsibilities of a job and family? This is whereAST coaches come alongside the runners.

I helped AST by:

  • Creating their StoryBrand Brandscript for developing their messaging
  • Refining the logo’s typeface and colors
  • Building a digital letterhead template in Google Docs
  • Creating stickers
  • Writing the website copy
  • Building the website in Squarespace
  • Connecting the online store to the payment processing
  • Setting up the MailChimp account
  • Designing pdf example training calendars
  • Taking photos and designing graphics for social media

Noah’s Ark Preschool and Childcare

I attended this preschool and I also worked there in the summers in high school and college. They approached me to help create a new site for them that was responsive and that they could update more easily than their previous site.

I helped Noah’s Ark by:

  • Taking custom photos for the headers
  • Editing existing content
  • Building their site in Squarespace
  • Training them on how to use their site
  • Building a resource library in a Google Drive for them to reference

Personal Projects

I enjoy developing solutions for others, but creating for myself is what keeps me going. I was inspired by Newton’s Laws of Motions. They aren’t just for physics. These universal laws affect our lives in beautiful unexpected ways, and we can’t out run them.