My Bucket List

In an unorganized, unfinished list, here’s my bucket list. I reserve the right to add or subtract from this list.

  1. Visit “Middle Earth” in New Zealand
  2. Sit in the pub where the Inklings met.
  3. Be debt free by the time I’m 30. November 2016
  4. Work at movie theater.
  5. Move to a new city where I don’t know anyone.
  6. Watch a concert or big event from a VIP box
  7. Visit every continent
  8. Stand in running water in the mountains somewhere wearing those funny pants
  9. Start my own company with my friends and siblings where we get to play everyday
  10. Develop a company that people want to work for and where they’re taken are of.
  11. Get to invest in other people’s dreams.
  12. Own a debt free company
  13. Attend Comic Con with Leo Partible and other Act One people
  14. Meet Zachary Levi at Nerd HQ
  15. Publish a children’s book
  16. Write and publish a book series
  17. Write a screenplay
  18. Turn a book series into movies and other new media
  19. Give away 90% of my income and live on 10%
  20. Get married
  21. Go on adventures with my husband
  22. Adopt
  23. Take my kids on adventures
  24. Be a foster parent, loving kids who need it and telling them that they’re worth it
  25. Live in a van for awhile, traveling around the country, taking pictures and telling stories
  26. Design and own my own home
  27. Own a place where other creatives can rest and create for a season like others have done for me
  28. Come to the end of my life, spent, having lived my purpose and given all I have. Live well.
  29. Visit London, the British Isles, Iceland and Germany
  30. Take classes at Oxford
  31. See the Swiss town that was the inspiration for Rivendell
  32. Learn to do handstands and aerial/acro yoga
  33. Tell stories that remind people that there’s hope, they’re made for more and they’re worth it
  34. Help pay for my nieces and nephews education
  35. Love without strings attached
  36. Take a singing lesson  November 2016
  37. Take martial arts or boxing lessons
  38. Learn to rock climb
  39. Jump from a plane
  40. Meet Malcom Gladwell
  41. Hug Bob Goff
  42. Shake Donald Miller’s hand
  43. Shake Scott Harrison’s hand
  44. Meet and work with Jeremy Cowart
  45. Discover the best chocolate chip cookies and be able to make them at home
  46. Work in some way shape or form with Pixar and ILMxLAB
  47. Meet and work with Kathleen Kennedy
  48. Live in Israel for a season of my life
  49. Own homes with my siblings across the country so we can travel and stay together.
  50. Pay for my parents home, so they can retire and travel without worrying about having what they need at the end of their lives.
  51. Travel to places along the East Coast where America began
  52. See shows on Broadway
  53. Hike all over Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and all the parks in Utah
  54. Pick blueberries in Maine
  55. Watch a season of Sherlock when it’s released in England
  56. Visit South Africa to see Kruger National Park
  57. Own a hat from Worth & Worth