Mug Life – Omaha // Photo Study

I have a great fondness for coffee shops who’s aesthetic invites me to stay and relax. Where the space is as much of an experience as the drink the baristas prepare. Spaces like this could be found around every corner in parts of LA, but in Omaha like many things, you have to search to find these spaces to experience. But things worth enjoying, are worth searching for, are they not?

Mug Life is a small shop on Harney Street west of downtown. They share a space with Green Street Cycles. The first time I went in was when I was visiting Omaha before I moved back from LA. The owner modeled their coffee preparation on my favorite coffee shop in California – Portola Coffee Lab, so I was immediately hooked. The first coffee I learned to drink and like was the iced mocha from Portola (I have an expensive palette). The mocha at Mug Life is the closest I’ve come here in Nebraska.

The space while small is cozy and the light that enters at the right time of day is lovely. Please enjoy my enjoyment of the lights and shadows within Omaha’s Mug Life Coffee Lab & Roastery.

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