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Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins

Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and Dear J.J. Abrams

Now I really wanted to hear Jonathan Collins talk. I saw Dear J.J. Abrams several months ago before Star Wars started filming and was so impressed. I really hoped to hear more backstory on that, what I heard instead was more confirmation that I’m not crazy or at least I’m in good company with other crazy people.

His talk was simple and to the point, but I think he could have gone one level deeper. Story is something placed deep within us from our inception that calls to the eternal to our desire to be immortal in a sense. The last line about “Get dirty and beat up and come back and tell the stories” is a good reminder. I’m on my own odyssey right now, and it feels like the boat has stalled. I left the harbor, but the wind hasn’t picked up. I’m sure I’ll be wishing for this stall when the squall comes, but until then I’ll try to remember I have to have my own adventure to tell the story.

We desire something deeper than story. The desire to understand the world we live in.

Young kids full of wonder and curiosity. They ask why all the time. We want things explained so we can understand. We search for stories compulsively now to understand the world we’re living in.

We crave stories because we crave understanding and exploring the world.

Good explanation is explaining why something matters, what it means.

We want you to wrestle with why. Get dirty and beat up and come back and tell the stories.