5 Sentences + a little – Day 5

I walked from my apartment into a Starbucks, and I was met with the jarring display of holiday mugs and food items in the display case (everyone cheer for the Cranberry Bliss Bars). The weather in the valley has finally turned milder, but it is by no means holiday weather, and I’m struggling to come … Read more

5 Sentences – Day 3

There’s something about the taste of an old fashioned tuna sandwich that reminds me of spending time at my grandparents’s house in the country. I used to hate those sandwiches for all the reasons that I seem to like it now. Naturally a not a picky eater, I used to recoil from fish, mayo and sweet pickles; and … Read more

5 Sentences – Day 2

Would it be better to be a pig that can fly or a pig that can drive? Hmm… a pig that can fly is still better than a pig that can drive. I can drive and I still wish I could fly. I wouldn’t have to deal with all that LA traffic. The view would … Read more

5 Sentences

5 sentences is all I have to write tonight. Just the putting into practice the habitat a college writing professor asked my class to start. I figured I should be writing something, anything. So many thoughts rolling around inside – they should come out somewhere. The End.