Jonah Lehrer – STORY

Jonah Lehrer Writer A writer for the New Yorker, Wired and various other publications who was caught plagiarizing quotes, but in the humblest of fashions has rediscovered his love of writing. He’s not writing for others now, he’s writing purely for the love of it. He’s in the middle of his redemptive story, and it … Read more

STORY Chicago

STORY is a magical place for creatives to meet other creatives and remember why we started creating in the first place. Ben Arment started the event 6 years ago. I’m big supporter of the concept of fuel for the Creative Class, but I’m a bigger supporter of Ben. He’s a fantastic leader who casts vision beautifully … Read more

Josh Boone – STORY

Josh Boone Director of Fault in Our Stars Ben interviewed Josh so I don’t have notes from that. I’d rather listen to a conversation than take notes on it. He told his story of loving Stephen King novels growing up and how that led him to making movies and writing his own stories. He sent … Read more

Time for an Adventure

Here’s something I never thought I’d say… I’m moving to LA. Moving is something I’ve always wanted to do, but to LA? Really? To California? Really? I have enough trouble dealing with getting cut off in traffic in this city, but now I’m willingly going to join the parking lot that refers to itself as … Read more