Tony Hale – STORY

Tony Hale Arrested Development | Veep | Archibald’s Next Big Thing Aww… Tony Hale. Thank you for speaking. You’re somewhat of a hero around here. I knew of Tony Hale, but I had not had the pleasure(?) of watching Arrested Development or Veep, but it sounds like after Doctor Who that will be added to … Read more

Jonathan Collins – STORY

Jonathan Collins Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and Dear J.J. Abrams Now I really wanted to hear Jonathan Collins talk. I saw Dear J.J. Abrams several months ago before Star Wars started filming and was so impressed. I really hoped to hear more backstory on that, what I heard instead was more confirmation that I’m not … Read more

Melissa Weigel – STORY

Melissa Weigel Director of Multimedia | Moment Factory And this was my reaction to learning what Melissa Weigel and Moment Factory get to do. Please everyone, stop, stare, watch and take it all in. This summer I started to think more about immersive art and entrainment experiences. Film is naturally a passive entertainment, but are … Read more

Welby Altidor – STORY

Welby Altidor Executive Creative Director of Creations for Cirque du Soliel Welby’s talk was one of the most strategic creative talks I’ve heard in awhile. He addressed Cirque’s creative process, and how they’ve refined it over the years. So helpful actually. There are nuggets below that can be adapted and incorporated for any creative team. He … Read more

Christopher Chapman – STORY

Christopher Chapman Global Director of Creativity and Innovation for the Walt Disney Company This was my reaction when Christopher Chapman finished speaking. He was the first of multiple speakers that I felt were scheduled just for me. He outlined pieces of his childhood that led him to where he is now as the Global Director … Read more