Photo Inspiration Post


My office used to have a desk, filing cabinet and book case. Those were the days.

Now my office consists of air locks and round rooms. At least the I have a view. Boy, do I have a view.

But not by choice. I was never supposed to be here. I’m a pencil pusher and I was content with that. I filed paper work for JPL. I made sure all of the suppliers were paid. Nothing special. The biggest stressor at work was when the scientists wouldn’t sign their invoices on time.

I had a very strict schedule. Up at 5:45am. Run until 6:30. Breakfast of poached egg and avocado. At my desk by 7:55. I filed the invoices and tracked them with the accounting apartment. A walk around the campus at 11:55. A tuna sandwich under the tree at the back of the campus. I was finishing a book on the Civil War when it happened. Back to my desk by 1. Tracking down the scientists to sign their paperwork. Punched out by 5:05. Home with a cup of tea and my other book by 6. Sometimes I would buck tradition and watch a movie. I’d be in bed by 9:45pm.

But then, 376 days ago, on my way back from my lunchtime reading, my routine changed.